Please feel free to download any version and to give a copy to your friends, newcomers and old-timers alike. Don’t forget, this is NOT a document for newcomers only, and this is not a document for DXers only. It is a document as well for old-timers and DXpeditioners.

In many cases, the files can also be found on your national IARU member society website.

Prefix / Country Language Powerpoint
IARU Region 1 English Click for slides
IARU Region 2 English Click for slides
IARU Region 3 English Click for slides
4X – Israel Hebrew
9A – Croatia Croatian
9K2 – Kuwait Arabic
BY China Mandarin
CT / PY Portugal & Brazil Portuguese  Click for slides
DL – Germany German
E7 Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnian
EA – Spain Spanish
EI – Ireland English  Click for slides
F – France French Click for slides
G – United Kingdom English Click for slides
HA – Hungary Hungarian
HB9 – Switzerland German
French Click for slides
HS – Thailand Thai
I – Italy Italian
JA – Japan Japanese (Part 1)
Japanese (Part 2)
LA – Norway Norwegian
LY – Lithuania Lithuanian
LZ – Bulgaria Bulgarian
OE – Austria German
OH – Finland Finnish
OK – Czech Republic Czech
OM – Slovakia Slovakian
ON – Belgium Dutch Click for slides
French Click for slides
OZ – Denmark Danish
PA – Netherlands Dutch Click for slides
PY – Brazil Portuguese Click for slides
S5 – Slovenia Slovene
SM – Sweden Swedish
SP – Poland Polish
SV – Greece Greek
TF – Iceland Icelandic
UA – Russia Russian
UB – Ukraine Russian
W / K – USA English Click for slides
YB – Idonesia Indonesian
YL – Latvia Latvian
YO – Romania Romanian
YU – Serbia Serbian